About B1ack Sword

Born in Melbourne, Australia. B1ack Sword has been a gamer his whole life. Playing Super Mario Bros. & Legend of Zelda on the NES as a young boy to now playing games like Destiny, The Division & Halo on his Xbox One console.

With a passion for gaming, comics, movies and pop culture he started putting together this website to help share his passion and enthusiasm with the world.

In recent years, with the help and support of David from Nerd Culture Podcast, B1ack Sword started a new venture in the form of Mana Mojo.

Now taking the leap from behind the controller to in front of the camera to bring you all the latest in gaming news and reviews with the YouTube series Mana Mojo. His rolls include producing, editing, hosting and content creator for the series now entering it’s 3rd year.


Mana Mojo is a fortnightly ‘infotainment’ review program that is available online for free, via our dedicated Mana Mojo YouTube channel and the Mana Mojo website.

Each episode of the program consists of the latest News in Gaming, Anime & Cosplay, along with Reviews, Interviews, Special Features & the upcoming Video Game Release Schedules. Additional News, Articles & Reviews are also posted on the Mana Mojo website.

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